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Watercolor art supplies

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Watercolor art supplies

Watercolor art suppliesWater color art supplies are deceptively simple. The term “water color” sounds so easy and breezy, but the reality of the water color medium is much more demanding. Paints, paper and brushes are all one really needs to get started, but that’s where the simplicity ends.
Water color art supplies begin with paints. Water color paints are so named because they are water based, which means the paints will wash out of brushes (and off your skin and clothes) with ease. The first challenge with this kind of paints lies in finding the correct water to paint ratio for the stroke you are doing. Some painters practice for years never to get it quite right.
The other specialized water color art supplies are papers. Water color paper is textured to best absorb without bleeding through the lines of a stroke. Water colorists don’t have to use the specially designed paper, but it’s a good idea for beginners to learn the capabilities and limitations of water colors.

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