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Art Supplies
Art Supplies

Sand Art

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Art Supplies

Sand Art

Who doesn’t enjoy a day on the beach building sand castles and running their toes through the sand? But as a child playing in the sand, did you ever stop to think of the potential for that stuff you play in to become art? Sand is a versatile medium that can be manipulated into almost any shape imaginable.  It can be used on flat surfaces, such as adhesive-backed paper, to create artworks with depth and texture, or creatively layered in clear bottles and jars.  Sand art enables children (and adults) to create, learn and grow developmentally.  It is a tactile means of creating patterns and shapes, and it develops fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. 

Art sand differs from regular sand in a few ways. Firstly, it is dry, and you’ll be surprised how rare that is among sand occurring in nature. It is also an extremely fine grain, and an even consistency. And then there are the colors; the sand itself is available in a wide spectrum of eye-catching colors, from deep, rich jewel tones to soft and pleasing pastels.  For even more enhancement, glitter can be mixed with the sand before application. A similar color of glitter provides a hint of sparkle, while an opposing color can provide a striking contrast

Sand tables are perfect for classroom and home use.  These tables are essentially sandboxes on legs.  They are available in various shapes and sizes to fit individual needs.  White molding sand is well suited to these tables.  This specific type of sand holds shape well, allowing sandcastles to appear, even on the snowiest of days.

Sand art boards are fun and easy to use.  Just peel the precut shapes from the self-adhesive backing and apply fine sand for beautiful designs.  It’s the same concept as paint-by-number, except that the sand replaces the paint as the medium.  The uniqueness of the resulting art is impressive, and it makes for a piece that any parent would be proud to display.

Having the proper sand art supplies ensures a fun, less messy experience.  When a sand painting or bottle design requires intricate patterns or small amounts of a specific color, a squeeze bottle proves to be an essential addition.  The artist is able to control the flow of sand through the bottle’s tip, as well as target the exact location of its application far more easily than sprinkling or pouring.  Sand scoops and funnels make clean up a snap, which is an especially large blessing if you’re working with children.  Less sand is wasted, which leaves more for future projects and saves you money in the long run.

Sand art projects continue to be widely popular.  There is something fascinating, almost therapeutic, about using sand to create a work of art, and the medium has so much to offer an artist.  From holiday craft projects at home or in the classroom to scouting events to fundraising, sand art draws a crowd and captures the attention of almost any audience.   It is also inexpensive and economical – a small jar of sand goes a long way.