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Irodori Antique Watercolor 24-Color 15ml Set Holbein

Regular Price: $335.00
ONLY: $228.40
Item Number: HB225084
Irodori Antique Watercolor 24-Color 15ml Set Holbein Irodori Antique Watercolors were created from the ancient palette of pigments used by Japanese and Chinese painters centuries ago. Highly saturated with exceptional pigment density, these Asian inspired watercolors granulate more freely and are slightly more opaque than transparent watercolors. They are mixed with gum Arabic and contain no ox-gall. This 24-color set includes antique crimson, antique purple red, antique pink, antique orange, antique red orange, antique sun yellow, antique lemon, antique brown, antique gray brown, antique spring green, antique yellow green, antique opal green, antique jasper green, antique dark green, antique elm green, antique pale blue, antique ultramarine, antique turquoise, antique bronze blue, antique violet, antique magenta, antique black and antique white in 15ml tubes.

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