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The Leader in Canvases, Paints, and Other Art Supplies

For artists, it’s important to find great deals on quality materials. With the best in paint supplies, canvases, easels, and other essentials, you can harness your creativity any time. When you’re in search of the leading provider of the best in acrylic paints, cases, brushes, and other supplies, you can count on Art Supplies Direct. Get the best prices and the highest quality along with the convenience of online shopping. When you browse our inventory of artist supplies, you can easily navigate your way to the things you need for your artistic pursuits.

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Art Supplies Direct features a vast inventory of essential supplies for artists. Whether you’re ready to create a masterpiece or painting is a hobby, you’ll need to find the best in paint supplies and other materials. Art Supplies Direct features an art supply inventory, which includes:

  • Acrylic Paints, Watercolor, and Oil Paint--Shop paint supply brands like Amsterdam, Da Vinci, Galeria, Golden, Winsor and Newton, Grumbacher, and others.
  • Canvases--Including various sizes in pads, panels, rolls, and stretched canvases.
  • Easels--Find high quality options like easels for children, easel kits, racks, and tabletop easels.
  • Furniture and Lighting--Set up the perfect creative space with options like drafting tables, projectors, stools, and more.
  • Kid’s Supplies--Including finger painting, craft books, art sets, and more.
  • Organizers, Portfolios, and Presentation Cases--At Art Supplies Direct, you’ll find everything you need to store and present your creations in style.
  • Brushes--Shop the top names in brushes and every style you need to paint in various mediums.
  • And More--Including Bulk­­ Orders, Craft Paint, Cutting Tools, Drawing Supplies, Paper, Painting Tools, Pastels, Wall Stencils, and Wholesale.

When in search of a one-stop artist supply shop, Art Supplies Direct has it all.

The Best Names in Paints, Canvases, Brushes, and More

Most artists rely on the quality from specific brands. After years of practicing your art with certain brushes, paints, and canvases, it’s important to be able to find the products you love without spending a fortune. That’s why Art Supplies Direct focuses on building a massive inventory of the most trusted names in the art world. When you shop here, you’ll tap into the leaders in the industry at prices you can live with. Harness your creativity with brands like Winsor & Newton, Fiskars, Royal & Langnickel, Grumbacher, Bob Ross, and many others. With this convenient online inventory of the best paint supply brands and more, you can find everything you need for your next masterpiece.

Shop Here and Save More

Since 1998, Art Supplies Direct has built a reputation for offering the utmost in service, quality, and value. Based in Boston, MA, we serve 1000s of customers around the world with our Internet superstore. With our ultra-low prices and unbeatable service, it’s easy to see why so many artists rely on us for essential supplies. Find your way to the ultimate options in essential supplies for artists, teachers, and crafters.

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Ultimate Diazo Fabric Screen Printing Kit
Regular Price: $129.99
ONLY: $105.99
Ultimate Diazo Fabric Screen Printing Kit
Kit includes: two 8.5"x11" transparency film, 10"x14" screen frame, 9 inch squeegee, 4 craft sticks, 4 fluid ounces Black Fabric Ink, 4 fluid ounces White Fabric Ink, 4 fluid ounces Red Fabric Ink, 4 fluid ounces Blue Fabric Ink, 4 fluid ounces DiazoPhoto
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ONLY: $25.00
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