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Kids Art Supplies

Give Them The Gift Of Self Expression With Kids Art Supplies

Kids art supplies

ArtSuppliesDirect.com understands just how important it is to make sure children have the art supplies they need to create and express themselves. That's why we make it easiy, convenient and more affordable for parents and teachers to obtain art supplies for kids.

Since 1998, ArtSuppliesDirect.com has been the leading source for kids art supplies on the Internet. While we also cater to professional artists, we know that tomorrow’s Picassos are the beginners of today. 

Kids art supplies help to nurture those imaginations and desires to create, while keeping the environment and materials safe for use by children. Kids have a unique view of the world, and with their imagination and creativity they are wonderful budding artists.

By actually creating art, children are learning in many ways. They are learning fine motor skills by training their hands to draw and create details. They are gaining art appreciation by learning how much work and effort goes into producing a finished work. And they are also learning art history by being able to recognize different types of arts, art styles and maybe even specific artists.

Many parents who supply their youngsters with art supplies for kids watch their children grow up to be wonderful artists. Some kids grow up to develop their talents in other fields, but those with some background in art will be able to appreciate it on a different level than those without. They'll often be able to see things with a little more creativity than others and hopefully be able to apply that to their lives as they grow.

When parents select kids art supplies, they are opening up a whole world of wonder for their children. Selecting the right supplies, however, is essential. Safety is the No. 1 priority. Arts supplies for kids must be nontoxic since children don't always know to keep things out of their mouths. Aside from nontoxic materials, it's also important to watch out for sharp and pointy items such as scissors, sticks, pens and pencils that can be wielded in play by a child and result in a wound.

Kids art supplies include things like paper, pencils, pens, crayons, paints and paintbrushes. The younger they are, the happier they'll be to draw on any surface, so it's important to teach them what appropriate drawing surfaces and materials might be in the home. Children need to be supervised properly to ensure the safety of themselves and the surrounding furniture while they are working on art projects.

Whether their work will only grace a refrigerator "gallery" or someday end up in a museum is not the point. When children are given kids arts supplies that are safe and age appropriate, they are given free license to create, learn and explore.

At ArtSuppliesDirect.com, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of kids art supplies geared toward budding artists of all ages. From finger paints for toddlers to full pencil sets for up-and-coming sketch masters, we have the supplies parents can feel confident giving to their children.

Few would likely question the importance of establishing a relationship between children and art, showing them what is possible through a host of mediums and potentially igniting in them a passion for creation on their own. What better way to foster this early bond than with the introduction of high quality art supplies for kids?

At ArtSuppliesDirect.com we are passionate about art and, by extension, we are passionate about the art supplies that make the creation of art possible - the oils, the pastels, the clay, the quilting needles and more. Our commitment has always been to provide our customers - of all ages - with the highest quality artists supplies available - an amazing selection - to which we continually add - at great prices

Our commitment is the same when it comes to kids art supplies - that the products themselves should be superior quality, that they should be affordably priced and, most importantly, they should allow the artist to realize his/her vision with ease and pleasure.

Below, you will find our selection of art supplies to occupy, excite and inspire kids of all ages and in all settings - from finger paints to crafts. So whether you’re a teacher stocking up a classroom with the art supplies that kids will love or a parent looking for a project for kids at home, you’re in the right place. At ArtSuppliesDirect.com, we bring out the artist in every age.