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Paint may be the medium that the artist uses to create the scene but the canvas allows that scene to unfold. At ArtSuppliesDirect.com we offer a great selection of canvases in all shapes and sizes - perfect for the needs of any artist regardless of their work or particular project.  Because we ourselves are artists, we understand how important the canvas is to the work and we take the choice of the canvases we represent very seriously.

We also understand that artists working on art canvases require many of them throughout the year; and they look for suppliers of cheap art supplies that they can trust - a one-stop resource where they can always find their art canvases in the style and sizes they need and at the prices they can afford. Our customers come back to us again and again.  We always aim to be the art supply warehouse they trust most.

Below, you will find our selection of art canvases - from gallery style to stretched - in a variety of sizes. No matter what your art canvas need, you will find great products at amazing prices here at ArtSuppliesDirect.com.

Be sure to check out the other pages throughout our website where you’ll find great deals on art supplies of all kinds - from oil painting supplies to art sets and kids art supplies. We have the artists supplies you need and prefer for artists of all ages.

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Fredrix Red Label Pre-Stretched Canvas
Regular Price: $14.04
ONLY: Buy Quantity 6 Call for Pricing on large quantities
Fredrix Red Label Pre-Stretched Canvas
Heritage Canvas Pliers
ONLY: $36.66
Heritage Canvas Pliers
fredrix red label 8x10
ONLY: $3.51
fredrix red label 8x10